Mobilization and support program for companies

An initiative that helps get innovative projects off the ground. This program is supported by the Ville de Montréal.

  • 1 Selection criteria and objectives
  • 2 Program description
  • 3 Commitment
  • Find out if you’re eligible for our support program

    Eligible companies

    • can be anything from a startup to a multinational company
    • are from Montreal or looking to establish a base in Montreal
    • demonstrate a need for support with a smart mobility project


    Selection criteria

    • Respond to the urban challenges facing the Greater Montreal Area
    • Respect the principles of sustainable mobility (PMD2030)
    • Foster integrated mobility
    • Advance societal change
    • Work in synergy with the ecosystem
    • Bring the potential for improved data


    Program objectives

    • Foster innovation and urban mobility
    • Strengthen the ecosystem through collaboration and synergy
    • Accelerate and expand the reach of start-up projects
    • Support the development of initiatives in Greater Montreal

  • Expand your knowledge to go to the next level

    We are here to guide you in the initial or exploratory phase of your Montreal-based project. We will share our knowledge of the local context with regards to the issues, perspectives and specificities at play, introduce you to players within the ecosystem who could potentially offer support and explore different financing options that are available for innovative projects.


    We could then help you set up experimental or pilot projects that unfold in a real setting or in a lab context. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and elements necessary that would, ideally, lead you to pursue your project further in the Greater Montreal Area.


    We are here to guide you as you explore the first two of the four stages outlined below. If you decide to take your project to the final two stages, we will also offer any support we can.


    • Identify sustainable urban mobility challenges that can be resolved by the project
    • Explore opportunities to experiment in real urban conditions
    • Conduct a preliminary evaluation of the data enhancement strategy
    • Explore the potential for societal transformation
    • Find relevant academic and industrial partners for the project


    • Dive deeper into the needs resulting from the issues identified
    • Clarify the potential benefits of the project
    • Establish the potential avenues for the experimental project
    • Validate the relevance of the project with key stakeholders, including the city and its partners
    • Support partners in their internal decision-making processes


    • Devise the plan for the experimental project
    • Analyze the regulatory requirements
    • Conduct a financial evaluation of the experimental project
    • Prepare the financing strategy


    • Implement the experimental project
    • Analyze the benefits and the societal impact
    • Prepare a report and make recommendations

  • Let’s collaborate together to advance urban mobility

    Our commitment

    If you request our support as part of this program, we will:

    • Listen, analyze and gain a full understanding of your project to offer the support you need
    • Choose potential avenues together if your project meets the criteria
    • Set up a bank of hours to help you identify and qualify the opportunity in the market

    Jalon is committed to offering you the strength of our collaboration. We support innovative urban mobility initiatives that we believe in and we invest a certain number of consultancy hours in projects that show potential.


    Your commitment

     In return, we ask that you share some of your learnings with the community and that you draft a letter of recognition acknowledging the support that Jalon provided.

  • Have an idea, a project? We can lend our support!

    Jalon is a rallying point for innovation leaders in the areas of sustainable and intelligent mobility. Contact us now to find out how we can help you accelerate the development of your ideas and initiatives!