Who we are

Innovate for the mobility of tomorrow

Our mission? To speed up the emergence of solutions and innovations by rallying partners in the electrical and intelligent transportation ecosystem in order to shape tomorrow’s urban mobility

Jalon is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 by the City of Montreal and was formerly known as L’Institut des transports électriques et intelligents. Jalon has since been supported by the provincial and federal governments, carrying out mandates for manufacturers of various backgrounds as they put their innovation processes into practice.

Our process

Learning, testing, and the sharing of discoveries—the core of our process.








Organization of research activities • Strategic anticipation • Technology monitoring • Opportunity studies • Market analyses


Stimulating ecosystem vitality • Consensus-building and co-creation workshops • Interview and survey design • Scientific committees • Citizen consultations • Start-up support • University research


Preparation of trial and demonstration plans • Drafting of research plans • Preparation of project protocols • Estimation of urban trial costs • Grant seeking and funding packages • Acceleration of the regulatory approval process


Establishment of physical and virtual infrastructures • Creation of dedicated testing spaces • Cross-referencing of open and private data sets


Trial and demonstration management • Technology showcases • Testing in controlled environments • Testing in actual urban settings • Integration of autonomous vehicles


Sharing of results and reach • White papers • Case studies • Position statements • Lunch & Learns • Conferences and panels • In-depth articles and newsletters

Jalon is a powerful lever for action

strategic anticipation and co-innovation

players around promising projects

trials in urban settings

sources of data optimization

social change

Selection Criteria and Intended Impacts

Jalon prioritizes its efforts based on the following selection criteria and related potential impacts:

Response to issues faced by cities and citizens

Improve citizens’ quality of life • Emphasize road safety • Reduce the consumption of resources • Facilitate city administration

Level of technological innovation

Supply the mobility value chain • Propose an innovative alternative • Adhere to a solid business model • Propel towards the future

Reach and power of attraction

Stimulate academic research • Facilitate industrial networking • Present several facets of learning • Further local and international reach

Potential to increase the value of data

Enhance the ability to help make decisions • Direct to new services • Facilitate cross-fertilization with secondary data • Allow sharing with the ecosystem

Economic development capacity

Strengthen Montreal leadership • Stimulate the creation of qualified jobs • Potentially generate a rich economic impact • Attract investments

Our scope

To shape sustainable and intelligent mobility in an urban setting, Jalon is involved in several projects, offering services in five specific areas.