Our team embodies the potential for the change we wish to inspire.


Diane Harrison

Director, Administration and Human Resources

In addition to overseeing the wide range of operational activities that keep Jalon running smoothly, Diane is also in charge of the Human Resources division. She has many years of experience in corporate administration and she’s even successfully launched her own start-up. Diane has a natural ability to rally people together, and she actively works to develop the kind of working conditions and practices that will help Jalon grow as a team.

Randall Ascui

Director of Financing and Communities of Interest

For the past 15 years, Randall has worked as a director of sales, marketing and partnerships in design and architecture both in Canada and abroad. In 2017, he helped launch the first World Design Summit in Montreal. He was also part of Agence PID, the group behind the SIDIM Design Show and Intérieurs magazine. In addition, he helped organize the Grands Prix du Design for several years. He now brings his extensive experience in financing and partnerships to advance a cause that is dear to his heart: intelligent and shared mobility services.

Karim Er-Rafia

Director, Data Valorization Strategy

Karim is a specialist in solution architecture and the development and delivery of systems using the Agile methodology. For the past 20 years, he has worked on major information technology (IT) projects across a range of industries (energy, finance, banks, insurance, transportation) in both Canada and the United States. He now brings his expertise to help build a data platform in conjunction with the data sharing strategy that Jalon is developing in the intelligent and sustainable mobility landscape.

Frédéric Power

Chief, Accounting and Finances, MBA, CPA

A certified professional accountant (CPA) with an MBA in Accounting Science, Frédéric is passionate about using accounting practices to help SMBs and non-profit organizations get to the next level. Frédéric has worked in various industries, including software companies, communications and marketing agencies and accounting departments. His mission is always to be a key player when it comes to creating added value. He was drawn to Jalon because of urban mobility questions which are becoming a major transportation issue of the future. He brings his knowledge and desire for change to help the organization kick into a higher gear.

Annick Di Lalla

Executive Assistant and Operational Support

With more than a dozen years of experience as an administrative assistant, Annick has worked in a variety of fields, including several years in community organizations. She holds a B.A. in sociology with a minor in women’s studies and has a keen interest in social and environmental issues. Why work for Jalon? Because she wants to put her expertise to work by helping an organization implement innovative projects that trigger positive change.

Mickael Brard

Urban Mobility Consultant

After a seven-year stint as a strategic analyst in telecommunications and then as a marketing strategist in mass consumer goods, Mickael spent the next eight years working in IT and corporate management. Motivated by a need to contribute to the betterment of our city and spurred on by his interest in social, societal and environmental issues, he joined Jalon at the end of 2017. His favourite keywords are: innovation, change, externalities, rebound effects, societal impact, resilience, and collective efforts. His areas of expertise are urban logistics and the integration of autonomous cars in the urban landscape.

Victor Char

Urban Mobility Consultant

An urban planner and a LEED accredited professional for ND (neighbourhood development), Victor has worked primarily in sustainable real estate development and urban project management. He has been interested in socio-cultural issues, mobility and urban design for years, and has now made it his mission to help improve the experience and availability of diverse forms of mobility in the city. In his view, one of the key issues that modern society faces is the ability to move around efficiently. A congested city is a city that doesn’t function properly.

Loriane Chaudot

Urban Mobility Consultant

An engineer by training, Loriane worked as a project manager in logistics and transportation before moving into the health information systems industry. Loriane has always worked for parapublic institutions and believes in contributing to projects that benefit the collective good. What excites her the most is seeing collaborative projects take shape and doing her part to help them grow.

Véronique Laurin

Urban Mobility Consultant

With more than 15 years of communications experience and after her first year as Jalon’s communications and marketing manager— where she organized the Jalon Awards and coordinated the Chantier auto-solo—Véronique is now an urban mobility consultant at Jalon. An engaged and curious citizen, she wants to put her knowledge to work within the mobility landscape to make more organizations and people aware of the issues facing sustainable and intelligent mobility. 

Tomy Mestas

Urban Mobility Analyst

Trained as an industrial designer, Tomy is driven to design products and services that create new experiences for users. He brings his analytical skills, eco-design savvy and foresight to subjects like new practices for urban logistics. 

Jalon is an opportunity for him to apply global design thinking to mobility issues. He is deeply interested in the evolution of transport practices and the way in which citizens are co-creators of their mobility. He is convinced that a city’s sustainable mobility offering is an indication of its environmental, economic and social vitality.

Stéphanie Paré

Urban Mobility Analyst

Stéphanie has an M.A. in environmental and industrial design. She loves nothing more than a challenge and rallies around causes that affect people directly. Her passion, meticulousness and creativity, which enable her to think outside of the box and understand complex issues. She wants to put her skillset to work to help Jalon develop sustainable urban mobility. Stéphanie has made it her mission to integrate human values into pilot projects to help advance the future of mobility.

Antoine Sambin

Urban Mobility Consultant

Antoine has twenty-some years of experience in the urban transport and mobility industry. His specific areas of expertise: launching innovative products and improving the overall client experience.

Antoine previously worked for companies in Europe and Asia, where he helped develop new vehicles and mobility services for the automobile manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroën, coordinated marketing innovations for the public transport network Transdev, successfully launched the European intercity bus service Ouibus, and modernized the passenger experience for Hong Kong Tramways.

Antoine now brings his project management expertise to local start-ups and initiatives looking to integrate smarter and more sustainable mobility solutions in Quebec.

Board of Directors

Raymond Leduc

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

President and CEO of Numetrix Technologies, Raymond Leduc has thirty-some years of experience in management at international corporations like IBM Canada, the Volvo Group and Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, of which he was also President. Raymond is a founding member of the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre—Bromont’s C2MI—and served as the first President of the Board of Directors. He has also been a chairperson of the National Research Council Canada. He now serves as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Jalon.

Marie Côté


Marie Côté’s career spans more than 30 years in media management, marketing and communications (National Bank, CBC/Radio-Canada) as well assisting in the creation and production of cultural businesses (Cirque du Soleil, Productions J, ARTV).


Since 2015, she has been a consultant in business development and international relations for several budding companies in the digital creativity sector, like Celliers Intelligents Inc., Rodéo FX Visual Effects Company and HUB Montréal.


A member of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), Marie has more than 20 years of experience in corporate governance. She is presently on the following boards of directors: Loto-Québec, Evenko Foundation and the Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM).

Laure Waridel


Laure Waridel has a PhD in Environmental Sociology and is an associate professor at the Institute of Environmental Sciences (ISE) at UQAM. She is a member of the Research Chair on Environmental Transition, CINBIOSE (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Well-being, Health, Society and Environment) and CIRODD (Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Sustainable Development Operationalization). She is also a co-author and a member of the Pact for Transition scientific and executive committees. In addition, Laure serves as a consultant in social and environmental justice for Trudel Johnston & Lespérance, a law firm that specializes in collective action cases.

Laure is a co-founder of Équiterre, an organization that pioneered fair trade and responsible consumption in Québec. She is the author of a number of Quebec bestselling books, such as like Acheter c’est voter and L’Envers de l’assiette, and she’s made a name for herself as a CBC/Radio-Canada commentator and a print media columnist.

Richard Gold


Richard Gold is a James McGill Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in the Law Faculty at McGill University. He teaches in the areas of intellectual property, comparative intellectual property, international intellectual property and innovation policy. He is also one of the founders of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy.

Martin Trépanier


Martin Trépanier is a civil engineer and professor at the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal, an engineering school affiliated withthe Université de Montréal. He’s conducted a number of research projects on intelligent transport systems, urban mobility, transportation planning, operations logistics, data mining and processing of large datasets, such as smart cards, carsharing transactions, bikesharing and GPS traces. He’s a member of the Canada Research Chair on Personal Mobility. Since January 2019, he’s been the director of the Interuniversitary Research Centreon Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT).

Pierre Thibault


A renowned architect, Pierre Thibault has been the driving force behind many large-scale projects in Quebec’s cultural, institutional and private sectors, including the Abbaye Val Notre-Dame in St-Jean-de-Matha, the Ephemeral Gardens project (presented as part of Quebec City’s 400th anniversary) and the Théâtre de la Dame de Coeur. He believes in a design process that puts human beings in constant interaction with the building or landscape in question, be it natural or urban.

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